We understand that there are people out there who get nothing out of seeing other traveller’s stats and budgets but, then there is YOU.

The person finishing a horrendous week of work, sitting back on the couch scrolling through Facebook or Instagram, living vicariously through your favourite accounts, thinking HOW?! How do they do it, how much money do I need to save, how long should I go for….

While every travellers situation is different; the route they are taking, their set-up, hobbies and interests, whether they hunt and gather their own food, some prefer caravan parks and some love to drink….you get it. We all have one thing in common….ticking THE BIG LAP off the bucket list.

12 months is generally the average time Australians take off to explore our incredibly vast country. While our stats are a bit over 12 months it will still give you a real insight into our life on the road and HOPEFULLY IT WILL HELP YOU TO PLAN YOUR OWN BIG LAP OF AUSTRALIA!

We left on the 6th March 2018 from Brisbane and after spending 3 months in Tasmania at the beginning of 2019 we had planned to head home. However, when living on the road plans (if you even have one) change ALL the time! So here we are now, about to start work on a cattle station that boarders the Simpson Desert with no idea when we will “plan” to head home again.

P.S. I am still in awe of our BBQ Chicken tally! I mean who else can say they have spent almost $500 on hot chooks in a year?!

P.P.S I hope that the infographic we created is easy to read/understand. It saves us writing (and you reading) a twice as long post because who has time for that? We have exploring to do!!!

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