As much as I  LO V E the ocean, I must be honest. I am more of a sea fearer than a seafarer. The only thing I really know about knots is the  ones I find in my hair and the only thing I like about sharks is that they rhyme with Denmark. But, if I lived in fear than I would not get to experience the magic of the ocean like I do!

So, putting the fear of sharks behind me, I finally succumbed to the endless torture of staring at the well vegetated rocky islet known as Old Woman Island from Mudjimba’s shoreline. The one-kilometre paddle over to the island can often be treacherous however, I do not think we could have chosen a better day to meet the Sunshine Coast’s most mysterious woman.

After battling the tiny yet confronting swell breaking on the shore, it was full steam ahead. As I watched the sun pour down on the island, showering the surrounding reef and calm blue water with beams of light, I had to pinch myself as a reminder that this was not a dream.

I dived off the kayak into a world where the only sounds were crackling coral, fish gnawing on the rocks and whale songs (yes, whale songs, amazing right?!). From this very first moment I knew I was in for an epic snorkelling adventure and I was far from the Great Barrier Reef!

Starting at just two metres deep, the coral gardens of Old Woman Island provide the perfect haven for the abundant sea life to thrive and for the hard and soft corals to flourish. Although not as colourful as the Great Barrier Reef, the crystal clear water sure made up for it.

Old Woman Island proved to me that it is one of the best underwater playgrounds on the Sunshine Coast. So, whether you are a seasoned diver or you are trying on a wetsuit for the first time, add this adventure to your bucket list!

P.s. there were no shark sightings, wooo! Happy kayaking & snorkelling.

Scout x


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