We are not bluffing that Bluff Creek Campground and Kenilworth Bluff is an awesome action packed weekend 😉

With camp sites fit for a king (and your dog) nestled on the bank of the Mary River and across 100 lush green acres, the Bluff Creek Campground Kenwilworth have absolutely nailed their core values; space, privacy and tranquillity.

The spacious property is the perfect unplanned, spontaneous Sunshine Coast Hinterland escape. Although bookings are recommended we only decided the night before to head out and spend a night by the campfire and to discover the beauty of the Mary River. We were lucky enough to score a secluded site perched high on the bank of the river which was ideal for launching the kayak.

Bluff Creek Campground Kenilworth

From the adrenaline rush through the mini rapid-like sections in the afternoon to the peaceful paddle on sunrise, we experienced the best of both worlds kayaking the property’s section of the Mary River.

Although the afternoon was full of fun, laughter and almost tears when we had to try paddle back up stream through the rushing rapid water (we ended up walking and pulling the kayak haha), the sunrise paddle is what stole our hearts.  The morning light penetrating the misty haze along the tree line and the mist rising in smokey swirls off the water was beyond magical.

Mary River, Kenwilworth Queensland

Mary River, Kenwilworth Queensland


After a relaxing time on the Mary River it was time to amp things up and hike up on to the plateau that loomed in the backdrop of Bluff Creek Campgrounds.

Known as Kenilworth Bluff, the plateau is several kilometres long with the highest point being 606 metres above sea level. This Sunshine Coast Hinterland gem is not a popular hike and although marked every now and then with pink tape and red arrows the trail is not distinct, it is extremely slippery, overgrown and in some sections washed out. Hence the hike is recommended for the experienced.

Do not let this deter you entirely though because we made all the wrong turns so you do not and have put together some track notes! Allow 3.5 – 4.5 hours for the return hike.

  1. Driving from the campground or Kenilworth, the trailhead is on the right-hand side along Kenilworth Brooloo Road where there is a car park area and a ‘Kenilworth Bluff – Wilcox Family Park’ sign.
  2. From the sign, follow the fence line past farm houses and you will soon be greeted by 285 steps. Yes, 285. We are not bluffing.
  3. At the top of the steps continue to follow the fence line until the footpad begins to via right
  4. A few metres down there will be a fork in the trail and although it looks like you should go right, do not. Follow the faint footpad that leads down to the creek.
  5. Cross the first creek and at the second creek, walk 50m to the left along the bank before crossing.
  6. By now you would have recognised the red arrows and tape which you will begin to consciously look out for. Continue following the trail up to the base of the cliff and then follow the base around to the South-East ridge.
  7. The South-East ridge is where the ascent up on to the plateau begins. Even though marked with a rock cairn and rocks sprawled across the trail, the ascent up can be missed VERY easily. You will know if you have gone too far because the sheoak tress will start to become very thick.
  8. Retrace the trail back to the car park.

Hiking around and up the plateau would be the perfect introductory hike for those wanting to start hiking off track and using basic navigational skills.


Mary River, Kenwilworth Queensland


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