I was a week out from starting a full-time 9-5 job for the first time in over a year and the thought of that was like an early Monday morning; bringing me down and messing with my mood.

I had to make the most of my last week living the adventurous gypsy lifestyle before becoming an office slave once again. So I set myself a challenge; to climb all of the Glass House Mountains in 5 days! AND that I did!

It was the most amazing way to spend a week and I felt on top of the world the entire time. If only climbing mountains was a typical Monday-Friday gig….


Monday 27th June 2016

MT NGUNGUN  ||  253m

The first peak of the week went out with a bang! Even if I had to battle ice cold winds for 40 minutes to fully embrace the magic of golden hour. With a relatively easy mountain trail, Mt Ngungun is perfect for a sunset summit.

My Climb  Time: 20 minutes ascend, 15 minutes descend.

Directions: As Mt Ngungun is one of the most climbed mountains, it is easy to find the beginning of the trail on Fullertons Road in the GHM region.

Glass House Mountains

Tuesday 28th June 2016


The scrambling through the bush on the hardly worn, steep and rocky trail was definitely worth the incredible close up views of Mt Tibrogargan. My stomach was already doing double back-flips (of excitement and nervousness) that I was about to climb the confronting, sheer cliff face mountain that protruded before me.

My Climb Time:  1.5 hours total –  the long way around!

Directions: Both trails begin from Barrs Road, at the Tibrogargan overflow car park, it is signed as the Trachyte Circuit car park.

Quick way up – From the car park, walk back out to Barrs Road and turn left. Keep walking along Barrs road (for approx 50m) until there is a 4WD access numbered T212 (again on your left). Walk up this track and veer to the right when you get the junction of 4WD tracks. From there the access trail up the mountain is on your left and is marked with a small rock cairn where the ascend begins. 

Long way around – Begin the hike along the Trachyte circuit, then turn right on to the 4WD track. Follow the 4WD track for about 15 minutes, keeping an eye out on your right for a steep rocky trail ascending up the side of the mountain. 


Even with time to brace myself, I still was not ready for this hike / rock climb. The difficulty of ascending the mountain was easily an 8/10 for me. As much as I LOVE to climb mountains, I am absolutely terrified of heights and having to find a way to latch on to rock while being almost vertical with nothing below made those stomach back-flips turn in to a heart racing on a formula one track.

My Climb Time:  40 minutes ascend, 35 minutes descend.

Directions: Again, one of the most climbed mountains of the GHM therefore, easily directed to the carpark on Barrs Road.

Wednesday 29h June 2016


One of the less climbed mountains as there is only a mountain goat like track to follow to the summit. It was a  real adventure to bush bash and rock climb the way to the top where there was incredible views looking back at the GHM.

My Climb Time: 40 minutes total

Directions: With the help of Google Maps, the beginning of the trail can be found where the National Park sign is located; just off Old Gympie Road near Five Mile Creek. From the National Park sign stick to your right to make your way to the summit.

Glass House Mountains

MT BEERWAH  ||  556m

Here I was thinking that if I summited Tibrogargan, I could do anything but, boy I was in for a rude shock.  The entire climb I did not know whether to laugh, cry or sh*t my pants. Mt Beerwah is pretty much a vertical slippery rock face with barely anything to hold on to and because of this I did not laugh, I cried and was so close to sh**ting my pants. With breathtaking views from the top and an opportunity to snack on Mt Coonowrin, it was worth the tears ha-ha-ha.

My Climb Time: 1.5 hours ascend, 50 minutes descend.

Directions: Let Google maps direct the way to the National Park car-park on Mt Beerwah Road.

Glass House Mountains

Thursday 30th  June 2016

MT COOCHIN  ||  235m

A fun double peak with yet again breathtaking views over the GHM. Another, one of the less climbed  Glass House mountains therefore the ‘track’ is little rough in sections. Mt Coochin would have to be my favourite climb in the area.

My Climb time: 50 minutes total

Directions: Park at the entrance of 2672 Old Gympie Road and look for the National Park sign. From the National Park sign, head straight and keep an eye out for a goat track leading up the mountain on the right hand side.

Glass House Mountains


I had all intentions of climbing both of these peaks until, I got lost on top of the Eastern peak for half an hour! There is a goat track half way up the Eastern peak but, from there it is all of your own navigational skills (or lack of) to climb up/around the rock face and on to the summit. You will know you are at the summit when you come across two rock cairns, pretty much the only thing worth looking at as the views are quite poor. A tough climb as the ascend is made up of very loose rocks. If you decide to climb this devil of a mountain I highly recommend taking ribbon to mark you route to avoid getting lost and covering yourself in scratches, cuts and cobwebs.  Seeing as I had such a horrible experience on the Eastern Peak, I did not even both with the Western Peak as again there is no path and the views of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland and GHM is non-existent. Not to mention, the sun was well on its way down.

My Climb time: 50 minutes total

Directions:  Turn off Beerburrum Road to Eatons Road and follow the dirt road through the forest until you reach power-lines and a gate. Start the walk through the gate. Keep right when walking along the 4WD track and you will eventually end up in the saddle of the two mountains. 

Glass House Mountains


There was no way I was ending the day with a bad climb so up Mt Beerburrum for a magical sunset it was!

I completely underestimated this little beauty. Despite the path being paved the entire way it is an insane leg killer with no respite.

My Climb time: 35 minutes total

Directions:  The entrance is easy to find along Beerburrum Road.

Glass House Mountains

Friday 1st July 2016


Staring out at the GHM at first light was beyond magical. The colours of the winter sunrise and clouds amidst the mountains left me in absolute awe.

My Climb time: 25 minutes total

Directions:  Off the Bruce Highway this little beauty is hard to miss. Let Google maps help you out though.

Glass House Mountains


There is no amazing views from atop this little beauty but the hike is a fun one as the navigation to the top is left up to you. Sometimes you will come across fluro tape tied to trees which is a big relief to know you are on track.  You know when you are reached the top when a creative rock cairn greets you with along with a board to sign.

My Climb time: 40 minutes total

Directions:  Park opposite the National Park sign on King Road, Glass House Mountains.

Glass House Mountains


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