Explore Australia In Winter

Seven indisputable reasons why you should explore Australia during winter instead of spending the next few months sipping on hot chocolate while living the world of adventure through Instagram frames and daydreaming about the European summer.


Like the plague, makeshift van and tent villages take over the southern parts of Australia during the summer. With the longest of the school holidays and more long weekends falling in the summer months; unless you have booked 3 years in advance, there is little to no chance of jagging a spot at that dreamy campsite.Yeah you might suffer from a serious case of stiff nipples camping here in the winter but the greatest advantage is that you will more than likely have the place to yourself (how peaceful). Also making it perfect for those last minute, spontaneous adventures.


But not the crowds, as the grey nomads and their makeshift villages migrate North. With the beyond scorching summer temperatures dropping dramatically and the torrential wet season over, there is no better time to explore the Northern parts of Australia. Leave your knitted socks behind because the ideal climate will just knock them off anyway.


Unless you have worms, there is less chance of being haunted by all sorts of creepy crawlies and fellow insects whilst camping. Pack on the winter layers and escape the awful Dutch-oven antics by spending a night beside the campfire with a blanket made of stars. Also, leave the bottles of vinegar at home if you are heading North as the turquoise island waters of Tropical North Queensland are marine stinger free throughout winter.


Campfires bring people together as we yearn for warmth and with the severe summer fire bans lifted within most areas of Australia for the winter, there is no better time to gather on the beach or in the forest with a group of mates, bags of marshmallows and dancing flames. Do not just toast the marshmallows either; infuse the fluffy snacks with flavoured vodka for the ultimate sweet shot.


If you think that adventure is dangerous, especially during winter, think about routine; it is lethal. Ditch the usual Saturday morning sweat sesh at the gym and opt to get outdoors to maintain that summer physique. Climbing the mountain you have always wanted to will be a great metabolism booster and calorie burner as the body will be working harder to keep warm.

6)     VIEWS

The lack of humidity in the winter sky provides the opportunity for clear long range views.  Be mesmerised by the sea of stars that radiate down on to you and the infinite horizon from the mountaintop. Not to mention the unbelievable water clarity of the beaches due to a reduced amount of rainfall causing less overflow of the creeks and rivers.


Be prepared for likes on likes on likes with your #nofilter post as the clear crisp air, transparent water and natural glow create incredible photography opportunities.

Exploring in winter will help ease seasonal affect disorder and avoid the anxious feeling that comes with winter. Get outdoors. Explore our incredible country. Become a binge-explorer this winter and stop perceiving the winter as a negative!



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