Montague Island

Who would have thought that you would be able to have a safe, up-close and personal encounter with wild animals in their natural habitat?!

Positioned between the coastline of Narooma and the edge of the continental shelf, is the unique Montague Island; which is home to thousands of Australian and New Zealand fur seals. At first thought, swimming with wild seals in the open ocean sounds like you are putting yourself out there to be shark bait but, with strong swimming skills and a sense for adventure it is one of the greatest wildlife experiences in Australia.

The boat ride to the island was choppy and therefore killed any nervousness that was lingering inside us. As we anchored in a protected and calm bay, with the seals less than 20m away, we could not wait to jump off in to the pristine emerald green waters of Montague Island.

With insane visibility and nothing but forests of seaweed floating weightlessly on the ocean floor with the odd fish darting past, the swim from the boat to the seals was the most daunting. All I could think was, I am shark bait. But without any further ado, furry missiles where being launched from every direction. With a sharp harmless stop right before me and an effortless somersault, I was blinded by a ball of bubbles.

Their flexibility, spins, pirouettes and glides had us feeling like we were in a scene of an aquatic and acrobatic Nutcracker. If you are lucky enough to seal the deal, the furry funsters will put the choreographing in your hands. If you tumble, they will tumble; if you dive, they will dive. The cute wide-eyed creatures definitely put on a show and their friendliness left us overwhelmed and in absolute amazement.

The 2.5 hour wildlife adventure of sheer exhilaration would have not been possible without the awesome team at Narooma Tours and Charter Fish Narooma. For around $80.00 each we cruised along the foreshore of Montague Island, visited the largest inhabited seal colony, spent 1.5 hours in the water and were offered an afternoon snack before heading back to shore.


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