binge (n) a period of excessive indulgence in an activity

No, not the sit in front of Netflix with a tub or two of ice-cream type nor the type who sinks a carton of Milton mangoes in a weekend (don’t get us wrong though, we love the occasional beer).

Instead, we are the ultimate binge-explorers. Give us two days or two weeks in our Volkswagen T5 Transporter and we will completely immerse ourselves and squeeze absolutely everything out of the destination.

Like every Tom, Dick and Harry we fantasise about permanently living the #vanlife; being off the grid, surviving on the bare necessities, going to extreme extents to avoid paying any sort of fees and knowing what the feeling of being on cloud 9 is ACTUALLY like when you have your first real shower in weeks.

Becoming full-time van dwellers will happen soon enough because let’s be honest we have all it takes to be a part of this idealised community; a well set out and functional van, a hot outdoorsy other, the ability to climb anywhere and ride any wave.

But, for now we want to show you that the social media hashtag craze can be achieved, with or without a van,  through binge-exploring and micro-advanturing; cost effective, short escapes that are always bang-on and allow you to still kick other #lifegoals.

We both choose to go to our full time jobs every week not only to keep fuelling the van and to stock the camp kitchen but to kick those other life goals which in the end will end up creating the fantasised vanlife lifestyle.

Even though we often whinge and bitch about working full-time, it has actually allowed us to become the ultimate binge-explorers. How and why you ask? Well fellow full-time wage slaves, we are about to open up your world.

In a 365 day year, there are 52 Saturdays, 52 Sundays and 12 Public Holidays. That is 116 days off work a year that does not need approval. Not to mention, the 4 weeks of entitled annual leave, RDOs and those days that you are feeling ‘sick’.

Sink your teeth in to that for a moment. 

We want our blog, Salty Summits, to inspire you to take on this balanced lifestyle of not only focusing on life goals but to live a life of adventure as well. We want to show you that going on an adventure does not necessarily mean 5 months of backpacking every so often.

We believe that regular micro-advantures that have 5-14 day countdowns are SO much more refreshing than that 6 month exhausting countdown. Plus, being able to boast almost every week at work about what mountain we climbed or what uncrowded surf break we stumbled upon makes it feel like (to us and them) that we are forever travelling.

After all, we ARE the ultimate binge-explorers and consistency is key, right?

Yours in binge-exploring,

Ben & Scout

If working with us is something that you can foresee, flick us an email  saltysummits@hotmail.com

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