We’re Larry and Elle from QLD! Qualified Electrician and a Operator from the mines! However been retired for a year now and enjoying our “Pre Honeymoon”

We’ve been cruising around in our old 2004 Mazda Bravo “The Mazdabator” with a Tong canopy on the back! We love it!!!

We left back in February 2018 and always thought we’d spend around 18 months on the road, and now we have a deadline to be home at the end of July.

We’ve covered every state so far! But definitely haven’t covered everything! We haven’t touched from Adelaide to Perth and North QLD, so we’re doing the bottom corner (currently in Cape Jervis) then because we fell in love with WA’s coastline we’re high tailing it back to Ningaloo reef and across the top and back home through North QLD! We’re gonna be pushing it for time

It’s always been Larry’s dream and I’ve already seen quiet a bit of overseas so we thought why the heck not, we’ll do it while we can before settling down!

What are your top 3 hacks for living on the road? Tell us about your spray bottle….

1. Well our number 1 has gotta be our Spray Bottle!! It’s our go to “shower”!! We started with just a small hair one then we upgraded to a garden spray bottle… best thing ever!!! – 1.a – Then our proper shower is our $10 solar shower bag from Kmart and to heat it up we just chuck it under the bonnet when the engine is hot and tadaaaa we have a hot shower!

2. Invest in a decent fry pan with a lid! We only have 1 fry pan to cook with and my god getting a decent one for Chrissy has made a world of difference!

3. Don’t camp beside communal tables, chairs and fire pits, because we’ve had people right on our doorstep cooking tea, partying all night, singing terribly and using our front door as a toilet!! Maybe we’re just old grumps


We all know how good of a hunt and gatherer Larry is :p
What is your favourite catch and cook dish/recip

Elle’s – definitely buttered fryed lobster
Larry’s- Chilli Mud Crab!

Lastly, what has been the most memorable moment on your trip around Australia so far?

Larry’s- Fishing off Steep Point

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