Hi there! We’re Wade and Sam 👋🏼 Two Aquarians from Gippsland, Victoria. We met on the surf coast and shortly after Wade had hired me as his co-pilot for his upcoming lap around Aus. We bonded over morning coffees before surf checks and afternoon froffies over sunset. Both being deep thinkers, elaborate plans started coming to fruition and before we knew it in November 2017 we hit the road with no plans but to head clockwise. After being on the grind for years and years, paying bills for houses we barely spent time in and wasting money on materialistic items we barely used, we decided we’d had enough, it was time to live.

LOVE the title you have given your adventures; @coffeesandfroffies!


Soooo, Who usually draws the short straw and makes the coffees?

 Welllll, for the most part we take it in turns or whoever is up first will pop the kettle on. But if I’m (Sam) being honest Wade is a real trooper and usually will be nagged out of bed by my pre-coffee self. It’s a want and a need.

 And who is first to crack a froffie? 😉

 WADE. Morning, noon or night if there’s beers in the fridge the temptation is real for him.

You have been on the road for a few months now, did it take you long to settle in to your new lifestyle?

 It definitely took us a couple of months to settle in and get into the swing of things. The troop is a very small space for two people who like their own space to live in. We ended up altering our set up a couple months in and it is insane how much of a difference it has made being able to sit up in bed! Other than that, troopy life is literally a breeze.

What do you find the most challenging about living out of a Troopy?

 Having limited storage and being in such a small space can be really challenging. For Sam’s sanity everything needs to have a home. Keeping everything relatively clean and organised is key.

How much water do you usually carry? Any hot tips for conserving the liquid gold?!

 We have a 55-litre water tank mounted under the troop. That will sometimes last us a week if we don’t shower, which is often because who needs to shower when you practically live on the beach? NOT US.

What is your guilty on-the-road pleasure that might cost you this week’s laundry?

 Shockingly our guilty on road pleasure is… coffees and froffies! Hahaha joking… but not really. We can’t resist a funky little cafe or a pint at the rubbery dub (pub).

Where in Australia are you guys REALLY looking forward to exploring?

 We’re most looking forward to the next part of our trip! We’re currently in Perth and are set to start heading north in the next couple of weeks. We can’t wait for the desert beaches, gorges and the Ningaloo reef. We love being in secluded places, away from the crowds where we can enjoy our coastline and all that it has to offer! We are all so incredibly lucky to live in such a diverse country, we bloody LOVE it.


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