Friday Feature #5 – CAMPERAUSTRALIS

Every Friday we will feature fellow binge-explorers/adventure seekers who are living the ultimate Australian dream of exploring the amazing country in a camper. Our aim is to get an insight on the lifestyle of this idolised community. Salty Summits takes no responsibility of severely increased FOMO!

There is nothing like a game of  Cards Against Humanity  to break the ice 😉 So fill in the blanks with the first words that come to mind:

Nothing feels better than A SHOWER on DAY 8

Hold my BEER and watch me ATTEMPT TO LIGHT A FIRE (Blaine)

Alright now the usual lowdown; who you are, how long you have been exploring Australia for and why you have chosen this idolised lifestyle.

We are Blaine and Shenaid… We are both 25. I am a teacher and Blaine is a fitter. We set off in February ’17. We had originally planned to spend 12 months travelling around. But, after 6 months, we decided to pause our travels and do some work in Cloncurry, little town in North West Qld. We spent 4 months there and have begun travelling again! For the rest of 2017 and hopefully all of 2018.

What has living out of a camper taught you?

Less is more. It’s so easy to collect ‘stuff’ that you really don’t need. It’s been nice to downsize our lives and live with less. It’s also taught us to appreciate what we have, when we have it. Like a shower, they don’t always come along when you want them! (or desperately need them).

We have had some pretty amazing (and not so) encounters with the Australian WILDlife. From swimming with seals, seeing turtles hatch and having possums break into the van. Enlighten us with what has been your most bizarre encounter and the most memorable?  

Surprisingly, we haven’t had any bizarre encounters yet! We have loved seeing families of Emus running around the place. Blaine is obsessed with animals and I swear his goal is to pat one of every animal throughout Australia. So, I’m sure we’ll have some interesting encounters to come!

Who makes the coffee’s in the morning?

I do… and I don’t even drink it… I am usually first awake and down the ladder, coercing Blaine to join me with the coffee as bait.

The question we have all been waiting for, where has been your favourite spot so far and why?

The hardest question of all! We have a few favourites for different reasons. But, Fraser Island is definitely up there. We also loved the (now closed) Uluru by Sunrise camp spot overlooking Uluru. Such a magical area.

Where are you really looking forward to exploring?

Tasmania! We are booked on the Spirit on Tasmania in January and have just over a month exploring. We also cannot wait to get over to WA.

Set the scene of your IDEAL campsite –  real or fantasied!

An ideal campsite would be with nobody around .. camped upon the sand dunes at a beautiful blue beach. No rain, just a nice night breeze. But also with robots to bring us beers and cook delicious food for us. That’s not too much to ask, right?

Salty or Summits?

Salty, definitely! It’s been hard living 8 hours from the coast for 4 months. We are very much loving being along the coast again!


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