Friday Feature #1 – TOO BUSY LIVIN’

Every Friday we will feature fellow binge-explorers/adventure seekers who are living the ultimate  Australian dream of exploring the amazing country in a camper. Our aim is to get an insight on the lifestyle of this idolised community. Salty Summits takes no responsibility of severely increased FOMO!



There is nothing like a game of Cards Against Humanity to break the ice 😉 So fill in the blanks with the first words that come to mind:

Nothing feels better than cracking a cold beer on a winters day in North QLD while everyone back homes rugged up around the fire 😂

I can drive and be annoyed by Meakan’s rolling commentary for hours on end, and not get mad at the same time! 😂

You guys have been working along the way and managed to score Tour Guide jobs in Far North Queensland. Describe what a day in the life of a tour guide is like.

We run camping safaris up to Cape York Peninsula ‘the final frontier’ so no day is the same. It’s a completely different world up there, and is forever changing. Up at the crack of dawn each morning to get the camp fire roaring and the billies boiling. We’ve been faced with crocs, scorpions, a billion corrugations and the odd snake as well but it’s all part of the experience, right? 😁

What do you enjoy the most about being Tour Guides?

We literally get paid to camp; showing people around one of the most amazing places in the country as well as getting to spend every single day with each other. (Which; don’t get us wrong, some days it’s bloody hard work but everyday in between we’re counting our lucky stars)

Apart from the obvious ‘there is so much room for activities’ ;), why did you guys choose the Dmax & Caravan combo over any other option?

Yes good question! 😂 I’m not sure if anyone’s noticed but there are WAY too many different rigs available to do ‘the lap’ of Australia. For us the decision was a rushed one, and at the end of the day we needed something that we could live out of 24/7. So the caravan was an easy enough decision – it has all the creature comforts you could need in the space of 18 feet. The dmax replaced Hayden’s baby (a 2000 troop carrier) – it was starting to get a little unreliable and would take us an extra two hours to get anywhere towing the van 😂. So, we sold the old girl and decided on a dmax. Trust worthy, air conditioning, UNREAL fuel consumption and we can sit on a steady 100km/h with the van on no trouble at all. Even better, we have room for all our toys – two guitars, a drum, motorbike, and the boat; what more could you need?

They say, “you find yourself” during travels and even more so when living with less. What have you come to know about yourselves that you were not already aware of?

I wouldn’t say we’ve learnt more about ourselves but instead we’ve learnt more about ‘life’.
We tend to get restless if we have too much routine, we thrive on spontaneity and not knowing what’s around the corner.
We’ve learnt to have much more patience, with each other especially😂
But the most important thing we have learnt is to see the moment that’s right in front of us, instead of waiting for the next best thing to happen.

The question we have all been waiting for, where has been your favourite spot so far and why?

We don’t really have favourite spots, every single place has offered us a unique memory. One of our favourite nights we’ve had was in the outback between Winton and Cloncurry on the side of the road, had a few drinks and danced around the fire under the stars. ✨
But two particular National parks, Boodjamulla NP (Lawn Hill gorge) and Carnarvon gorge are definitely stand outs; Mother Nature is absolutely mind blowing!

Where are you really looking forward to exploring?

Because we landed our jobs, we’ve seen a lot less than we were expecting to see in what we thought was going to be a one year holiday around on!! Reality is you need ten years to fully appreciate the hidden wonders Aus has to offer😂. We’re really looking forward to exploring Tassie and of course the NT!

Set the scene of your ideal campsite.

Fire, a swimming and fishing hole that actually has fish in it 😂, pristine weather, no midges or mozzies, privacy, the sound of wildlife as opposed to car horns and sirens, and of course a perfect cut of steak and a fridge full of cold beer! Sounds like a big ask, but such places do exist👌🏼

Seeing as you are talented musicians, what song titles best describe your a) lifestyle and b) relationship?

a) Doin’ Me by Mikey Mike
We’ve learnt that society’s a trap – take life into your own hands. Work hard for what you want – follow your own dream, not someone else’s. Which is exactly what this songs about, some of the lyrics are wild but it’s pretty damn real!

b) Simple Things by Ziggy Alberts
The title pretty much explains itself 😊


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  1. Great article guys! I’ve seen these guys before on Instagram – definitely appear to be living the dream! Cape York is such an amazing place, I can see why you’d be happy to stay there for a while. 😉

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