Warwick – Southern Downs Region

Summer is in full swing and it has every man and his dog craving the blue hues of the ocean and flocking to the beach.  But, there is so much more to the suns life-giving rays than bringing out your best sunglass and singlet tans.

Let the magic of the sun rays blow your mind with the blooming seas of yellow in the Southern Downs region, Warwick in particular which is only a 2 hour scenic drive inland from Brisbane.

Tick off this nature lovers bucket list item and spend a day exploring and photographing the vibrant vistas of sunflower fields.

Allora and Warwick are well-known for sunflowers crops; so much so that there is a designated 50km sunflower route. However, do not be like us and let this fool you because unfortunately there is very little fields along the route.

Instead, punch the following 3 roads in to your GPS and you will be in for a day full of happiness.

Hot tip; Willett Road (a dirt road) is perfect to watch the sun set. We were a bit bummed that we could not capture the sun setting amongst the crops because the road was too boggy due to recent rain but, we did manage to score nonetheless.

Naturally you will feel an impulsive desire to run through and frolic amongst the sea of yellow and although the sunflower fields are not fenced they are on private property therefore the utmost respect must be given.

One day of exploring not enough? Well, spend the night camping and binge-exploring your way through Girraween National Park.


2 thoughts on “Warwick – Southern Downs Region

    1. Hi Melissa! Willett Road should be suitable for a sedan if there has been no rain in the area! On this particular day, I was in my Nissan Micra and got half way down the dirt road before having to stop due to wet bog holes! If it was dry, I could have easily made the whole track 😁 good luck!!! 🌻🌻🌻🌻

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