Eurimbula National Park

With extensive beachfront, pristine waterways and diverse forests; Eurimubla National Park is an ideal camping adventure. The national park is situated 10 kilometres west of Agnes Water and is recommend for 4WD vehicles and off-road trailers only.

After almost being morphed in to life-sized dashboard bobble-heads from the severely corrugated dirt roads, we arrived at one of the two main camp-grounds in the national park.

Set behind the foredunes of Bustard Beach, Eurimbula Creek camp-ground is sheltered by an eucalyptus oasis with carpets of sand sprawling over the many campsites.

The locals are more than capable of setting up makeshift tent cities on the weekends at Eurimbula, school holidays and long weekends especially. But luckily for us we were greeted by a couple of quite families and like usual, more than enough bush turkeys. We had definitely missed the memo about the over inhabited population of the man-eating sand-flies though!!

Offering endless adventures; kayaking, fishing, bush walking, four-wheel driving, surfing (occasionally) and snorkelling, Eurimbula is a National Park that needs to be added to your camping bucket list!

Eurimbula National Park

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