Coledale, Coal Coast

Sandwiched between the uncrowded, rolling surf of the Pacific and the towering green cliff escarpment, is the ideal ‘home is where you park it’ haven; Coledale Camping Reserve.

The small sea-side village is an hour south of Sydney and is a part the spectacular Grand Pacific Drive. Coledale Camping Reserve is accessed from Lawrence Hargrave Drive which happens to include the iconic Sea Cliff Bridge at Coalcliff. If snaking our way across the bridge and over the ocean did not leave us in awe with our jaws dropped; popping up over the next hill that overlooked the ideally positioned camp-ground certainly did.

Observing the area, we did not see any of the normal sights; sun blistered tourists, ranting hawkers or hundreds of beach umbrellas in symmetrical rows. Instead there was lush green grass that made a perfect dining/kitchen area with the soft golden sand and iceberg-blue water a dreamy backyard.

The crashing of the waves was hypnotic and the sea mist clinging to the cliff faces created a calming atmosphere. This is exactly where we wanted to call ‘home’ for a night after an exhilarating morning exploring the Blue Mountains.
With amazing beaches surrounded by apocalyptic like rocks in front of a cliff side backdrop and rock pools scattered in between, this is a paradise for landscape lovers, campers and ocean groovers.
Coledale, NSW

NOTE: Securing one of very few sites can be difficult unless you have booked months in advance! The magical camp-ground is a popular spot for the locals to enjoy a getaway.  We were extremely lucky to have jagged an all time spot without notice.  Visit their website for avail abilities here: COLEDALE CAMPING RESERVE

Coledale, NSW

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